Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stick little embryos!

Overall, today has been a really good day.  For once, we didn't have to be in Frisco at the crack of dawn, so we slept in till 8, did a little housework, made some carrot cake breakfast cookies to have throughout the week, and ate breakfast together.  I actually cooked a lot of food last night so Seth would have options to easily throw together while I'm temporarily incapacitated. 

I had to check in at 11:45 with a full bladder, which meant that I was lucky enough to get to chug 32 ounces of water in the span of 20 minutes.  I think I would rather be NPO for 8 hours than have to drink that much in so little time!  I was nauseous by the time we got there, but thankfully we had enough distractions for that feeling to get pushed to the wayside.  The nurse had me take a Valium once I got changed into a gown.  I've never taken that before, but honestly I didn't feel any of the effects of it till we got home and fell asleep!  But that is fine - the point is to be as relaxed as possible today so I guess it's working!

The embryologist came in and talked to us about the health of our embyros.  She gave us a picture of the two they were going to put in (and yes, they are hanging on our fridge now.  I'm not smart enough to figure out how to upload them to the blog or else I would show you.)  It was really great to hear her explanation of all the cells and what each one would eventually develop into.  She said they look very healthy! 

After all that, I was dying to use the bathroom.  The nurse said if I really felt like I couldn't hold it anymore, I could pee into a little cup but no more than that.  I was scared that I would mess things up if I peed too much, so I only did half a cup.  That was a bad idea!!  As soon as I got back into bed I had to go even worse!! I tried to hold it longer, but eventually I had Seth ask if it was ok for me to go again.  The sonographer (who has been absolutely wonderful throughout last 3 weeks) laughed at me and told me to pee a whole cup this time.  I felt MUCH better after that.  (Keep in mind that it had been an hour and a half since I drank all that water - I was hurting!!!)

The doctor came in right after that, reiterated what the embryologist had said about the quality of the embryos, and expressed his amazement that we made it to transfer.  From that point on things moved very quickly.  Seth, decked out in a hospital gown, bouffant hat, mask, and shoe covers, was allowed to go back to the procedure room to hold my hand during the process.   It was ultrasound guided, and they had a screen that we could see every move the doctor made.  We were able to see the catheter, and then a little flash when he dropped off the embryos - it was pretty cool!  The embryologist then checked the catheter under a microscope to make sure both embryos had been deposited, gave the ok, and everyone cheered!  The doctor didn't want me to move at all after that, so he and Seth pulled me back up in the bed, and we went to recovery.  I had to lay flat for ten minutes before I was allowed to use the bathroom.  Let me just say that was the best pee of my life.  Ha!  After another 30 minutes of laying flat, we were free to go!

Seth is taking great care of me.  He has been so amazingly supportive and encouraging and even-keeled during all this, which has really helped to keep me grounded.  Now the bedrest continues tomorrow and Thursday, then back to work on Friday.  We are praying and so hopeful that these little guys (or girls!) are extra sticky and attach to the uterine wall.  We'll do a blood test in 8 days to see if it worked.  I've already decided that I will not do an at-home pregnancy test before then because I think that would be even more torture!  No matter what the outcome is, God is in control and knows what's best.  We have learned a lot, both spiritually and medically, during this round that it will be positive experience no matter what. 

Everyone's support today has been overwhelming.  I can't say thank you enough!  I'll be back tomorrow to give the report of the remaining embryos. 

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