Thursday, January 24, 2013

And now we wait!

I'm home now from egg retrieval and my stomach is full from yummy french toast and a mocha latte.  The morning started very early for us - we had to be in Frisco at 7am - and I was starving from the minute I woke up!  Seth mom's went with us to the procedure and she's been taking care good care of me since we got home. 

On the way to the surgery center I was nervous and a little tearful.  Listening to praise and worship music has been one of the major things that has helped me through all of this, so we put on Hillsong and The Village Church's live EP (which is awesome if you haven't heard it yet).  When we checked in, all of the nurses were so nice and reassuring - it really is a great group.  The whole thing was super quick, only took 20 minutes and then I was in recovery for about an hour.  Let me just say I love anesthesia....I'm a little sad that I might not need it anymore after this.  Ha! Just kidding....kind of.  :)

The great news is that the doctor was able to get nine follicles!  They will combine them with the little swimmers today, and by tomorrow afternoon I will get a call from the embryologist to let me know how many fertilized.  The general rule is that about half will fertilize, but my brother said that Dr. God is able to make them all fertilize!  That would be amazing.  I will be happy with anything at this point. 

That's all I know for now.  Thanks for all the encouragement and prayers.

"Oh look and see our God, and celebrate the power of the cross and the empty grave.  And now we're free, let the redeeemed lift up your heads.  Oh look and see our God!"

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