Friday, August 9, 2013

Baylor Summer Vacay

Since no one really wants to talk about their cervix directly on facebook, I figured I'd leave all the fun details to the ole' blog.  I'll start with yesterday afternoon.

I started having pretty regular contractions at work yesterday around 1:45 (this was after only doing deskwork), which continued to get more intense and closer together, so I laid down on one of the stretchers to see if that would help.  They were soon 3-5 minutes apart, and at 3:45 my very sweet friend Mindy drove me up to the hospital and my mom met me there.  Seth arrived soon after.

Sure enough, it wasn't all in my head and those contractions were the real deal!  I was given a shot of terbutaline to slow them down (which has the not-so-fun side effects of anxiety, feeling jittery, and feeling like your heart is going to beat out of your chest), and also a shot of steroid to help the baby's lungs develop should anything happen.  Overnight they just monitored me and gave me extra IV fluids, and this morning I required another shot to slow contractions.  The specialist arrived about 9ish and did a sonogram to check the length of my cervix. (backtrack to regular OB was concerned that the cervix was a little on the short side at 2.7cm.  She wanted it above 3).  So when he checked it today, it had shortened even more to 2.2cm.  Without a second breath, he said I will be in the hospital on bedrest for at least 2-4 weeks.  Closer to the 4 week mark being more realistic.  And possibly longer.  He wants me to be 36 weeks before he is comfortable with me delivering.

Soooo, yeah.  It's a bit of a shocker.

They will check the length again on Monday, and I'm not sure how frequently after that.  But I'm on another oral med every six hours to relax my uterus (and have a beet red, burning hot face because of that one).

I know I'm exactly where I need to be right now to keep my baby safe, and I know that God is absolutely in control, it's just not how anyone dreams of spending their first pregnancy.  I was looking forward to baby showers, and maternity pictures, and putting the finishing touches on the nursery.  And taking my maternity leave after he's born, not before.  I won't get to see my puppies for who knows how long, and those who really know me know that the beagle and I are a little codependent.  So I'm a little sad to be honest.  But at the same time, thankful to have such a supportive husband and family to help me through this.

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  1. Joanna Banana, you are so loved and with Baby Boy Brewer, covered in prayer - I don't know of a baby in our family in such a long time who is so anticipated! And of course, though he's "only the dad" (tee hee hee - the king of his home!) Seth also deserves a gold star and lots of love, encouragement, and cheers for taking such good care of you! I know it will be difficult, but pray the days until you and Seth hold that precious ones in your arms and look into his curious eyes will pass with great speed! Hugs, love, prayers, favor, and blessings from Mawbye