Wednesday, August 7, 2013

30 weeks!

30 weeks today!  I seriously cannot believe it's gone by so quickly...we are on the downhill slope now, and I can't wait to meet our sweet little boy.  We have been very productive since my last post!  Finally finished the laundry room, which funny enough was one of the first things I wanted to change when we bought our house, but we kind of ran out of motivation after renovating all the other rooms!  It was just a facelift really - fresh paint, new shelves, and some much needed additional storage, but it has already made life so much easier.  As far as the nursery goes, we still need to put the crib together (seriously need to get a move on that!!), take the glider to be reupholstered, hang curtains, and finish off the little decorative touches.  It's all things that can be done in a weekend, just need to actually commit a weekend to it. :)

For the most part I have been feeling good - still have a decent amount of energy, but I have been getting Braxton Hicks contractions on an increasing level.  They started at around 26 weeks, and I ended up seeing my doctor for them at 27 weeks.  Everything checked out ok at that visit, but since then they've only gotten worse.  It all seems to be related to activity (not even strenuous activity - I haven't exercised at all this pregnancy), with the majority of them occurring on busy days at work. Yesterday was my 30 week check up, and my doctor did another full exam and sono this time, and discovered that I am starting to show some shortening and thinning of the cervix.  She did a test that is a good indicator of preterm labor, and I should have those results back today or tomorrow, but for now she has restricted my activity - not to the point of bedrest, but to take it as easy as possible.  I'm really hoping and praying that I don't have to go on bedrest!!  I will do whatever it takes for this little guy to arrive here safe and sound though, and preferably not until October!  I have a follow up this Monday to check things again.  The good news is that the baby is healthy and active, but please be praying for me that this all slows down.  I'll keep you all posted on the results!

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