Monday, March 11, 2013

So much for boring....

Apparently an uneventful pregnancy is not meant for us.  Last Tuesday I had my first OB appointment and was all prepared to share how nice it is to go to a "normal" doctor's visit, one that is only happy with no worry involved.  Which I'll still elaborate on that in a little bit, but before I had a chance to blog, Friday night we ended up in the ER! 

I got home from work Friday about 5:30 and shortly after began bleeding again.  But this time it was A LOT.  Super scary to say the least, so I immediately called the doctor and spoke with the on-call nurse who told me to go straight to the ER.  Seth had to leave work early to come pick up, and we made our way to Baylor Grapevine.  I was trying to reassure myself that the doctor told me to expect to bleed again, but the amount this time is really what made me nervous.  Fortunately the ER was slow that evening, and we were seen right away by the doctor then straight to an ultrasound.  The sonographer prefaced the exam by saying she wasn't allowed to give results, but once the baby showed up on screen, she pointed at it and gave me the thumbs up.  Heart rate was strong at 177, and we were soooo relieved to see that little flash of the beat.  From there, I had another exam and then the doctor just said she had to review the sono results and we'd be on our way.  Both our parents were there, and my in-law's pastor stopped by for a few minutes to pray for me.  It was so thoughtful and meant so much to me.  While we were waiting, I got a Rhogam shot, and every so often they'd come in to tell me they were still waiting for the sono to be read by the radiologist.  FOUR HOURS LATER, the doctor came in with the results - apparently our sono got lost in transmission, like a glitch in the computer system or something - so that's what took so long.  She basically just reiterated what we already knew:  the bleeding was caused by the hematoma, take it easy, it should all be ok since the heartbeat is so strong. 

We finally left about 12:30am, exhausted and starving.  My sweet parents stayed the whole time with us, even though I kept telling them to go home and sleep!  I've been resting since then, and thankfully my work is closed for construction until next Wednesday, so I'll have plenty of time to relax. 

Now back to the happy stuff!  I called my OB this morning, and they wanted me to come in right away for the follow-up sonogram.  Since Seth was already at work, my mom went with me, and I'm so glad she did.  It was sweet to get to see her reaction to the sonogram - we heard the heartbeat again, could visualize the spine and the arm and leg buds (the sonographer said the baby looked like a teddy graham, which was a perfect description!), and we even got to see the baby move!  He (or she) just did a little wiggle right there!  It was so adorable.  I love all these images I'm getting so early on - only 8 1/2 weeks along and I've already had four sonos :) The nurse practitioner again told me just to rest as much as possible, but that these hematomas really don't have an effect on the outcome of the pregnancy.  Oh, I forgot to mention, the hematoma was smaller today than it was last week!  Praise the Lord!  Hopefully it just continues to shrink without causing anymore freak-out sessions :)

That's about it for now (which I think is quite enough for one week's time).  I have another appointment in three weeks, so here's hoping nothing happens between now and then!

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