Friday, February 24, 2012

State of the Union

In case you were worried, not every post will be as depressing as the last one.

I just had an overwhelming urge that day to get everything out.  I wanted our story down on paper (figuratively), not that I would ever forget, but just to have the timeline documented.  I also wanted people to know what it really feels like - so many of you have been surprised by the depth of emotion expressed, it makes me wonder if I've been real at all during this time.  I think part of me just wanted to shelter everyone else from the sadness - plus, who wants a Debbie Downer around all the time? :)

So, this week I've been pondering what direction the blog should take.  Infertility is an awkward subject that not too many people want to really talk about, but I hope this can be a place to learn how to encourage and support those you may know that are also struggling with it.  Or just how to be sensitive to people in general, because you really never know what they may be dealing with behind closed doors.  As things progress, I'd really like this to be an outlet to keep you all updated on our adoption journey.  I'm sure I'll also throw in a few health-related posts (come on, if you know me at all you had to see that coming!) and possibly some recipes every now and then.  And really just whatever we may be doing to pass the days.

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